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For low minimum order quantity, CELIE & COUCH is the best private label perfume company. Our private label perfume service offers exclusive customised design, with fast turnarounds.


At CELIE & COUCH, we take pride in our comprehensive turnkey private label perfume solutions. From fragrance selection and formulation to packaging design and manufacturing, we handle every aspect of the process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients.


Our private label perfume wholesale options allow you to access exceptional fragrances at competitive prices. Whether you're a retailer, e-commerce store, or independent entrepreneur, our low minimum order quantities make it easy to start your private label perfume journey with flexibility and affordability.


Our turnkey private label perfume services provide the support and expertise you need, to stand out from the competition with your own private label perfume brand.


You can confidently launch your own exclusive fragrance line, or expand your existing product range, with CELIE & COUCH as your private label perfume manufacturers.

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What is private label perfume?

Private label perfume refers to fragrances that are created by a manufacturer but branded and sold under the label of a specific retailer or individual.

How does private label perfume work?

Private label perfume allows retailers or individuals to customize and brand existing fragrance formulas with their own label, packaging, and design.


Can I create my own scent with private label perfume?

With private label perfume, you typically select from pre-existing fragrance options provided by the manufacturer. However, some manufacturers may offer limited customization options.


What are the benefits of private label perfume?

Private label perfume offers the opportunity to have your own unique fragrance line without investing in the entire manufacturing process. It allows for branding control and faster time-to-market.


Are there minimum order quantities for private label perfume?

Minimum order quantities can vary depending on the manufacturer or supplier. CELIE & COUCH offers low minimums, enabling businesses of different sizes to benefit from private label perfume.

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