Roaming the verdant fields of the moor on a lovely summer’s midday. The clouds are white and fluffy, with lackadaisical shapes. A warm and fuzzy breeze sweeps and sways the green moor and its sweet-smelling things. The animals go about their business. Everything is good.



Lemon, Lime, and Bergamot open this scent with zest and verve. Peppery and herby Juniper and Thyme do form the relaxed and subtle mainstay. Fir Needle and Ylang Ylang are the balanced bases bitter and sweet; foliage filling the head and heart respectively.



Top: Lime, Lemon, Bergamot

Heart: Thyme, Juniper

Base: Ylang Ylang, Fir Needle.


Perfumer: Jordan Bryan

Size: 2 ml / 0.07 fl. oz.

Parfum Concentration: EDP

Moor An' Th' Loike (2 ml EDP)

  • Try a patch test before use. Keep away from sensitive skin. DO NOT DRINK. For external use only. If pregnant, seek medical advice before use. To get the most out of your fragrance, see our 'FAQs' under 'Product'. Use by is 12 months.