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Fragrance for you and noone else.



When you place your order, we’ll be in touch within 1-2 working days to arrange your consultation.


At the consultation, you'll sniff through a series of samples. Your verdicts will be noted. Your scent may be with you at all times, or in specialised contexts or purpose, so you will be asked about your life and formative years. This can be an intense process, and it is one that is discreet.


3 personalised perfumes will be presented to you as drafts. The is the start of the iterative process, supported by further questions on your needs and aesthetic.




You’ll be given a sample of your personalised perfume choice from the consultation. Wear this as you would your other fragrances. Smell how it informs the mood, pace and demands of your day-to-day. Consider which ingredients feel absent, or uninvited, too intense or too faint… Record your discoveries carefully.


Give feedback clearly and promptly, ideally regarding specific note compositions. You will get up to 3 iterations before you must finalise your scent or purchase new trials. Note that each iteration takes at least 3-4 weeks so be specific with feedback.


This testing and reformulation will continue until you’re satisfied with your bespoke fragrance. It will then be bottled and delivered to you. A record of the formulation will be kept on file, should you wish to repurchase.




With the 1 L option, you get a personalised e-book. This is your Fragrance Wardrobe and contains;


A guide on complimentary notes and accords, grouped by family and ideal occasion.

One-off artwork to decorate the book.

As a treat, we may enclose a free second fragrance to pair your first.

Personalised Perfume

  • Please allow at least 12 weeks to make your own perfume- this is an iterative process. Each iteration needs time to macerate before being presented to you. Please note that rarer ingredients/special requirements may result in additional cost, to be paid upfront.