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I want you to use my music to fight, feel stronger if not 100%, feel it’s okay to express your identity, to state your mental health needs. To feel supported when you are truly alone and seek a permanent solution.

My music is permission, in the reminder that you do not need permission, to be your fullest and freest self.

Ebor Mistral is an independent singer and rapper, songwriter and self-taught music producer. They are QPOC, mentally ill, and a survivor of repeated trauma.

Their debut album will be released December 3rd 2020, as an acute account and admission of CPTSD.

"This singer songwriter soothes shame, stumbling slowly towards self-worth in their study of self-care. As a rapper harsh hooks and precise syncopations spare noone (least of all themselves), in cadences unrestricted by stereotypical gender roles."

"Ebor is intriguingly dark at times. Moody downtempo basslines, suspenseful arrangements and melody, heady and heavy harmonies with precise segues. LPs arranged in tripartite spectrums of genre and moody tones."

"At times to listen is awkward, baffling, or painful. It is always cathartic, often able to see the funny side. It is this catharsis that inspires a search for light that nears completion."