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Ambient scenting is a strategic approach that leverages the sense of smell to engage customers, evoke emotions, and reinforce brand identity. 


At CELIE & COUCH, we understand the role ambient scent undertakes in the customer experience and staff productivity and wellbeing. We can help you design a customized commercial scent marketing strategy, tailored to the specific needs of your space and industry sector. ​

Which Industries Do You Work With?

CELIE & COUCH specialises in ambient scents for a diverse range of industries, from established office and retail venues to frontier fields like VR and events. Whatever the sector, scent branding will help the unique value of your business stand out amid cutthroat competition, a cost-of-living crisis, new discourse on where and how we work, and post-COVID uncertainty. ​


Are There Custom Options?

With scent marketing, CELIE & COUCH can use the power of fragrance to create immersive experiences for your space and the customers and employees within it. Our experienced scent marketing professionals will work closely with you to understand your brand, target audience, and desired ambiance, crafting a signature scenting solution that aligns perfectly with your vision. ​


Where Can I Use Ambient Scenting?

Whether you're looking to create a welcoming atmosphere in your hotel lobby, improve customer satisfaction in your retail store, or enhance the ambiance at an outdoor event, our ambient scenting services can make a difference. We offer a wide range of high-quality fragrances and cutting-edge scent delivery systems to ensure consistent and effective scent diffusion. ​


How Can I Contact You?

Contact us below today to tell us what you need. If you don't know that yet, just start with venue size and industry sector. Learn more about our ambient scenting services and how we can help you create a captivating sensory experience for your customers and employees.

Thanks! Message sent.


What is ambient scenting?

Ambient scenting refers to the process of creating a specific scent environment or atmosphere within a space, such as a retail store, hotel lobby, or office, to enhance the overall experience for visitors or customers.

How does ambient scenting work?

Ambient scenting typically involves the use of scent diffusers or fragrance delivery systems that disperse fragrance molecules into the air. These systems may utilize various technologies like cold-air diffusion, nebulization, or HVAC scenting to ensure even and consistent scent distribution.


What are the benefits of ambient scenting?

Ambient scenting can have several benefits, including creating a pleasant and memorable environment, enhancing brand perception and customer experience, increasing dwell time and customer engagement, evoking positive emotions and moods, and potentially influencing purchasing behaviour.


Where is ambient scenting commonly used?

Ambient scenting is employed in various commercial settings such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants, spas, casinos, gyms, shopping malls, airports, and even in residential spaces. It is often utilized to reinforce branding, create a distinct ambiance, or evoke specific emotions associated with a particular space.


Are there any considerations or challenges when implementing ambient scenting?

Yes, there are considerations to keep in mind when implementing ambient scenting. Factors such as the target audience, location size, ventilation system, scent intensity, and the chosen fragrance should be carefully evaluated. Additionally, it's important to regularly maintain and update the scenting system to ensure the desired scent experience is consistently delivered.

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