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Scenting for cinemas and live theatres can augment staging and dramatic mood. Scented cinema and scent in theatre also allow you to control your venue's brand perception.


At CELIE & COUCH, we offer a range of theatre and cinema scenting services. From popcorn and nostalgic scents in cinemas to scene-specific fragrances in live theatres, our customised scenting solutions will transport your audience into a world of sensory delight.


A live theatre or movie theatre smell can compel consumer behaviour and improve wellbeing for consumers and employees. It can also underline your venue or performance's mood or brand position. Ambient scenting for cinemas and theatres can also mask unpleasant odours.


Our movie and theatre scent design includes bespoke and private label design, in addition to white label and wholesale merchandising.


At CELIE & COUCH, we can distribute your theatre or cinema scent using large area deodorisers. These commercial scent diffuser are discreet, using HVAC diffusion for targeted release. White label, bespoke or private label merchandising is a helpful way to further monetise your audience.


With our small, dedicated team CELIE & COUCH will work with your staging, writing or venue management team for unmissable smell-o-vision. They will complement story and visuals, while driving repeat footfall.


Elevate cinematic and theatrical entertainment, with scenting services by CELIE & COUCH. Contact us below.

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How can scenting enhance the cinema and live theatre experience?

Scenting adds another layer of immersion, heightens emotions, and creates a more memorable and engaging experience for audiences.

What types of scents are suitable for cinemas and live theatres?

Scents that complement the movie genre or theatrical production, such as popcorn, fresh flowers, or atmospheric fragrances, can enhance the ambiance.

Can scenting solutions be customised for specific movie genres or theatrical themes?

Yes, our scenting solutions can be tailored to match specific movie genres or theatrical themes, amplifying the overall storytelling and atmosphere.

Is scenting safe for audiences and compliant with theatre regulations?

Absolutely! Our scenting solutions are safe, non-toxic, and comply with theatre regulations to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for audiences.

Can scenting solutions be adjusted to different scenes or acts during a performance?

Yes, our scenting solutions offer flexibility and can be adjusted to synchronize with different scenes or acts, enhancing the overall narrative impact.

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