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By CELIE & COUCH, perfume spray for ladies, gents, and nonbinary individuals. Our body mists offers our widest, fastest scent application. Our luxury perfume spray offers a fine and even mist, allowing you to control the intensity of your scent.


Let the fragrance mist settle on your skin, pamper yourself with a scented bath, freshen up your home for a last minute visit, or use as perfume body spray in a pinch.


Each bottle contains a generous 50ml of fragrance, allowing you to indulge in your favourite scent extensively. Our boutique 50 ml perfume range is designed with a wide range of moods and social settings in mind.


Try our 50 ml fragrance spray now, with free shipping and BNPL options.

Perfume Spray FAQs

How long will a 50 ml perfume bottle last?

The duration of a 50 ml perfume bottle depends on usage frequency, but on average, it can last for several months when applied sparingly.


Is a 50 ml perfume bottle travel-friendly?

Yes, a 50 ml perfume bottle is compact and travel-friendly, making it convenient to carry in handbags or when travelling.


Can I find a variety of fragrance options in a 50 ml size?

Absolutely! We offer a diverse, boutique range of scent profiles across our 50 ml sizes.


Can I use a 50 ml perfume bottle as a gift?

Certainly! A 50 ml perfume bottle makes a thoughtful and luxurious gift, allowing the recipient to enjoy a substantial amount of their preferred fragrance.

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