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Commercial scenting helps consumers and employees feel at home in your commercial space. Commercial scent solutions boost sales, increase repeat footfall and word of mouth, reduce employee attrition, and perceptibly position your brand to ideal target markets.


As one of the full service commercial scenting companies, CELIE & COUCH offer a range of business scenting options. We can scent your retail store, shopping centre, cafe, pub, hotel, live venue, restaurant, warehouse, or any other commercial space you'd like.


Choose from the best commercial scenting range, with wholesale and white label options for stockists and events, or have us consult with your for bespoke and private label fragrance design. In either case, we will find or create the ideal commercial fragrance for your visitors and staff.


With our carefully selected scents and strategic scent diffusers, including targeted HVAC scent diffusion, we help you create a welcoming and memorable atmosphere that aligns with your brand identity.


Experience the power of scent marketing with commercial scenting solutions by CELIE & COUCH. Contact us below.

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How can commercial scenting benefit businesses?

Commercial scenting enhances brand perception, creates a welcoming atmosphere, increases customer engagement, and boosts sales and customer satisfaction.

What types of businesses can benefit from commercial scenting?

Various businesses, including retail stores, hotels, restaurants, spas, and offices, can benefit from commercial scenting to enhance their brand experience.

Can commercial scents be customised to match a business's branding?

Yes, we offer customizable scent options that can be tailored to align with a business's branding, creating a consistent and immersive sensory experience.

Are commercial scents safe and compliant with regulations?

Absolutely! Our commercial scents are formulated to meet safety regulations, ensuring they are safe for use in commercial environments.

How does ambient scent marketing impact customer perception and behaviour?

Ambient scent marketing creates positive associations, influences emotions, increases dwell time, and encourages customers to linger and make purchasing decisions.

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