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Ambient scenting for a museum or art gallery should retain footfall and evoke exhibits without harming them. CELIE & COUCH is best positioned to provide the creativity and detail this requires.

Whether you're looking to evoke a specific era, enhance the ambiance of a gallery space, or create a unique sensory journey, our customised scenting options can be tailored to your specific needs.

We create subtle, immersive smells in museums and art galleries, consulting directly with our client's researchers for accurate olfactory heritage and cultural respect.

Our museum and gallery scents can take the form of museum smell boxes, discreet HVAC diffusers, other targeted scent placements, even white label options for your gift shop.

With our expert scenting solutions, we can help you create a multi-dimensional scent experience that captivates patrons and visitors while bringing your exhibits to life.

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How can ambient scenting enhance the museum and gallery experience?

Ambient scenting creates a multi-sensory experience, deepens visitor engagement, and enhances the emotional connection with artworks and exhibits.


What types of scents are suitable for museums and galleries?

Scents that complement the theme or era of the exhibits, such as subtle wood notes, floral fragrances, or nostalgic scents, can enhance the atmosphere.


Can ambient scenting help create a specific ambiance in museums and galleries?

Absolutely! Ambient scenting can create a serene, dramatic, or immersive ambiance, aligning with the intended experience and enhancing visitor perception.


Is ambient scenting safe for visitors and artefacts in museums and galleries?

Yes, our ambient scenting solutions are safe, non-intrusive, and designed to preserve the integrity of artworks and artefacts in museums and galleries.


Can ambient scenting be adjusted or customised for different exhibitions or galleries?

Yes, our ambient scenting solutions are flexible and can be adjusted to match different exhibitions or galleries, enhancing the visitor experience.

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