An independent perfume house, musical project, and QPOC/allied safe space/ collective. Founded in 2016.

It is helmed by Jordan Bryan, supporting self-care and self-love by scent. Each collection promotes these themes through the context of scent memories or cultural phenomena. Original music is released to pair, promoting the same in context of the founder’s story.

Expect earnest detailed handmade EDPs, using ingredients that are simple and good. Each note, used in concert, creates compelling mistral audiovisual events.

This is an inclusive innovation of a new luxury.

Younger Me 1.jpg

Jordan Bryan

A self-taught perfumer and producer, born in Leeds, Jordan started CELIE & COUCH in the midst of abuse and clinical depression.

Through their experiences- as a creator, Yorkshireperson, QPOC survivor of CPTSD- they hope to inspire people to celebrate who they already are.