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Ambient hotel scenting makes guests remember your brand by positioning its quality, aesthetic and mystique. From luxury, to boutique, to family-friendly hotels and resorts, CELIE & COUCH will create the perfect scent to attract repeat bookings.


Hotel scent diffusion can freshen a lobby and make it a bit more welcoming. We offer bespoke and private label design, allowing you the full gamut of customisation and economy.


Our hotel lobby scent diffusers include HVAC scent diffusers, classic reed diffusers, and other options to your preference. If you'd like to sell merchandise, CELIE & COUCH also offer white label hotel scents for home.


Whether you're looking to create a welcoming lobby, a lively bar, or restful rooms, CELIE & COUCH is your contact for scent marketing for hotels and resorts.


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How can ambient resort and hotel scenting enhance the guest experience?

Ambient scenting creates a memorable and immersive atmosphere, evoking emotions and enhancing relaxation for guests in resorts and hotels.


Can the scents be customised to match a resort or hotel's branding?

Certainly! We offer tailored scenting solutions to align with a resort or hotel's branding, theme, and desired guest experience.


What are the benefits of ambient scenting in resorts and hotels?

Ambient scenting can improve guest satisfaction, create a unique and welcoming environment, and reinforce brand identity and recognition.


Are the scents used in resorts and hotels safe for guests and comply with regulations?

Absolutely! Our scents are crafted with guest safety in mind, meeting all necessary regulations and quality standards for a pleasant experience.


Can ambient scenting be implemented in various areas of a resort or hotel?

Yes, ambient scenting can be implemented in lobbies, reception areas, spa facilities, guest rooms, and other spaces to enhance the overall ambience.

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