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Scenting for healthcare is crucial. Odours can negatively affect the patient experience and reduce retention in private care. Ambient scenting systems also help reduce attrition of highly valuable healthcare professionals onsite.


At CELIE & COUCH, we understand the importance of creating a soothing and comforting environment in healthcare facilities.


With carefully selected white label scents, CELIE & COUCH helps eliminate unpleasant odours, creating a more pleasant atmosphere in hospitals, clinics, and medical offices.


Our scent marketing strategies are designed to enhance the overall experience for patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals alike. Our scenting solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of healthcare settings, ensuring a clean, fresh, and inviting environment.


We work closely with healthcare providers to develop customised scenting programs that align with their budget and brand.


Our goal is to transform the healthcare experience through the power of scent, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and creating a positive and healing atmosphere.


Partner with CELIE & COUCH for scenting solutions that make a difference in healthcare settings.

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How can scenting benefit healthcare environments?

Scenting can create a calming atmosphere, reduce anxiety, and enhance the overall experience for patients and healthcare professionals in healthcare settings.


Can scenting be used in hospitals and clinics?

Yes, scenting can be effectively used in hospitals and clinics to promote relaxation, mask odours, and improve the environment for patients and staff.


What types of scents are suitable for healthcare settings?

Gentle scents like lavender, chamomile, and vanilla are often used in healthcare settings for their calming and comforting properties.


Is scenting safe for patients and healthcare professionals?

Yes, our scenting solutions are safe for use in healthcare environments, adhering to strict guidelines and using non-toxic and hypoallergenic fragrances.


Can scenting be tailored for different areas within healthcare facilities?

Certainly! We can customise scenting solutions for specific areas like waiting rooms, patient rooms, and relaxation areas, enhancing the overall experience.

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