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Welcome to CELIE & COUCH's Scenting Solutions for VR & Gaming. We understand the immersive power of virtual reality (VR) and gaming experiences, and how scent can take them to the next level.


Our scent marketing strategies for VR and gaming are designed to create a multi-sensory adventure that fully engages your audience. By incorporating carefully selected scents into your gaming smell device, we enhance the realism and immersion of virtual environments, making the experience more captivating and memorable.


Whether you're exploring vast virtual worlds or embarking on thrilling gaming quests, our ambient scenting solutions will transport you into an olfactory realm that complements the visuals and gameplay.


From the fresh scent of nature to the adrenaline-inducing aromas, we offer customizable scenting solutions for your VR smell device, enhancing the player experience.


Experience a new dimension of scent technology, with CELIE & COUCH's scenting services for VR, augmented reality, and gaming.

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How can scenting enhance the VR and gaming experience?

Scenting adds a new dimension to virtual reality and gaming, creating a more immersive and realistic sensory experience for players.


What types of scents are suitable for VR and gaming environments?

Scents that match the virtual environment or enhance the gaming atmosphere, such as forest aromas, ocean breezes, or futuristic scents, can be used.


Can scenting solutions be integrated seamlessly with VR headsets or gaming consoles?

Yes, our scenting solutions are designed for easy integration with VR headsets and gaming consoles, providing synchronised scent experiences.


Is scenting safe for users and compatible with VR and gaming equipment?

Absolutely! Our scenting solutions are safe, non-toxic, and designed to be compatible with VR and gaming equipment for a seamless user experience.


Can scenting solutions be customised for different VR games or gaming genres?

Yes, we offer customizable scent options to match specific VR games or gaming genres, enhancing the gameplay and immersing players in the virtual world.

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