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YYYY/MM/DD - Meet the Singer Who Smells (Really Good, they’re a Perfumer)

A new perfume studio is launching a record label and releasing its debut album, by its founder and first signee Jordan Bryan. They debuted with ‘Proper Yorkshire’, a pleasing trio of EDPs that transport you to the Yorkshire country.

Now they’ll release a double album, named “I’m Grand.” Expect addictive downtempo bangers across an eclectic spectrum of genres. Topics include self-care, self-accountability, sex work, mental health, and QTIPOC pride.

Jordan explains it’s all connected. “The album pairs with my first two collections, the second of which I’m dropping on the same day as my album, and it explains everything I went through to get them made.”

The new collection, ‘Stans’ Lexicon’ will explore the Jordan’s thoughts on cancel culture as a survivor of mobbing. “When Yik Yak was actually a thing at uni. It’s the final exercise in processing my trauma from that time. The smells themselves are quite wide ranging. One’s a beautiful Amber, then there’s a powerful aromatic, and lastly an innocent buttery one.”

The ‘Proper Yorkshire’ collection, by CELIE & COUCH, is on sale now. The ‘Stans’ Lexicon’ perfume collection is released August 1st 2020 and the same day as “I’m Grand.”, the double album that pairs with ‘Stans’ Lexicon’ and ‘Proper Yorkshire’.

Fact Sheet
  • CELIE & COUCH is an independent perfumery, launching a record label.
  • The founder is the first signee to the label.
  • The founder will release their debut album, “I’m Grand.” On Yorkshire Day (1st August 2020).
  • ‘I’m Grand.’ discusses self-care, self-accountability, sex work, mental health, and QTIPOC pride.
  • Musically, ‘I’m Grand.’ is focused on downtempo bangers, ranging widely in genre.

  • A second perfume collection, ‘Stans’ Lexicon’ will launch on the same day as “I’m Grand”.
  • ‘Stans’ Lexicon’ explores the founder’s thoughts on cancel culture, as a survivor of mobbing.
  • The collection is a trio of EDPS- one Amber, one Aromatic, one buttery.
  • ‘I’m Grand’ is intended to show the founder’s life during ‘Proper Yorkshire’ and ‘Stans’ Lexicon’.
  • ‘Proper Yorkshire’ is inspired by the Yorkshire countryside.
  • The ‘Proper Yorkshire’ collection is released and is on sale now.


Actors and reality stars learn the hard way; music isn’t for everyone. The brands who saw this unfold sensibly stayed away. Until CELIE & COUCH, a millennial perfumery founded and run by Jordan Bryan.

“Scent and sound do intersect. Samples are ingredients, balancing a perfume composition is me mixing and mastering a track. The difference is music is an instant, digitised medium now- perfume is physical particles.”

“Perfume is aspirational, and a little exclusionary. I want to do away with that for people like myself who don’t have their shit together. I’m a QPOC survivor of CPTSD.”

It’s also a way to share the life I’m living behind the collection. Perfume is fantasy and aspiration but I want to do away with that.”

“Music’s a similar sensual and creative texture, but unlike scent it’s an instant and digitised medium.”

“The album’s a way to try before you buy”

“Musically I’m not fucking playing around. I write everything, sing everything, rap, produce mix and master everything full indie.”

“I started designing the collection when I was in my unhealthiest place. I finished this year, when I finally felt healed. This album didn’t have vocals at first as I couldn’t process what was happening. With music and scent, there’s always something beyond words.”


YYYY/MM/DD - A Perfumer with PTSD Releases their Debut Collection

A new perfume studio is opening in the heart of Hoxton, in London’s trendy Shoreditch. CELIE & COUCH will offer handmade eau de parfum perfume sprays, sample sets and perfume rollers. Their debut collection, ‘Proper Yorkshire’, is a rustic spectrum of country life.

The trio bottles simple baking with the flowery air of a moor, unspoilt rural fields and sun, a child’s curiosity at freshly turned earth.

Jordan Bryan, the founder of CELIE & COUCH, explains the collection was inspired by their battle with mental health, as well as their complicated feelings growing up in Yorkshire.

“I was bullied at university and I had a nervous breakdown,” they state matter-of-factly. “I wanted to create a safe space that I didn’t have at the time, and reconnect with my Northern roots. I never quite fit in Leeds- I was black, I was queer, I was weird and angry about it and the way it informed my treatment. This collection is for anyone who needs to feel safe and sheltered.”

The ‘Proper Yorkshire’ collection, by CELIE & COUCH, is on sale now.

Fact Sheet
  • CELIE & COUCH is a new perfumery.
  • All CELIE & COUCH perfumes are handmade.
  • Perfumes are available as 50 ml atomisers, 10 ml rollers, and 2 ml samples and sample sets.
  • The collection is inspired by the founder’s experience of university bullying.
  • The collection is also a reclamation of the founder’s northern roots as a QPOC.
  • The ‘Proper Yorkshire’ collection is on sale here:


“We make celebrity fragrance collections, just using everyday people instead from all walks of life.” Jordan explains. “I want our scents to celebrate who you already are.”

“Well I’m from Yorkshire! People don’t always think so up North, but down here they spot me a mile off,” Jordan says, now laughing. Now living in London, his accent’s hard to place but the Leeds roots come out here and there.

A former Chemical Engineering student, he found himself sleeping on the living room floor of his mother’s one bedroomed flat after a nervous breakdown. “I’d been unwell for a while but didn’t realise until a uni drama I went through” He laughs; lightheartedly or regretfully it’s hard to tell. “When you stay in the house for a year, and sleep for 20 hours a day, something needs to change and you don’t have much to lose.”

Two childhood books got him started. “It’s how we got our name!” he pipes up. “Reading ‘The Color Purple’, and ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’. The 2 main characters felt like I did. But they learned to love themselves in the end. That’s who the next collection is for; the Celie Johnsons and the Evelyn Couches.”

“I wanted a cohesive collection so it’s a trio of scents about The Yorkshire Moors, spanning the terrain on a passing summer’s day in a spectrum of amber, floral, green, and woody.”