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Real estate scent marketing can stage a lucrative property. Interior design scenting can get the buyer or renter to emote, while underlining an interior designers aesthetic.

As a nimble ambient scenting firm, CELIE & COUCH is best placed to offer the service and dedication you need. Our white label and custom scenting solutions can be tailored to each real estate sale.

We offer a wide range of fragrances and scenting techniques to suit different spaces and purposes, ensuring that each client's specific vision is brought to life.

From creating a sense of luxury and relaxation in high-end properties, to infusing each interior with refreshing and invigorating scents, our expertise in property scenting can complement and enhance your design vision.

We understand the importance of crafting memorable, engaging environments in the world of real estate and interior design.

Elevate your real estate listings and interior design projects, with scenting solutions for real estate and interior design by CELIE & COUCH. Leave a lasting impression on your buyers and tenants.

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How can scenting benefit real estate and interior design?

Scenting creates a welcoming and memorable first impression, enhances the ambiance, and helps potential buyers or clients connect emotionally with the space.

What types of scents are suitable for real estate and interior design settings?

Scents that evoke cleanliness, freshness, or luxury, such as citrus, linen, or vanilla, are popular choices to enhance the appeal of properties and designs.

Can scenting help create a consistent brand experience in real estate or interior design firms?

Yes, scenting can be customised to align with a brand's identity, creating a consistent sensory experience that reinforces the firm's unique style.

Is scenting safe for use in real estate and interior design settings?

Absolutely! Our scenting solutions are safe, non-toxic, and designed to comply with safety regulations for use in various real estate and interior design spaces.

Can scenting solutions be tailored to specific properties or design projects?

Yes, our scenting solutions can be tailored to match specific properties or design projects, adding a personalised and memorable touch to the space.

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