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As industrial fragrance manufacturers, CELIE & COUCH can offer concentrated scent to neutralise odours and scent products such as cars, textiles, personal care products, paper, oils and cleaning supplies.

In the our premier industrial perfumes increase productivity, reduce employee attrition and improve the product experience of your customers.

CELIE & COUCH is one of the best industrial fragrance manufacturers to meet your exact needs, with bespoke options for any use case. The strength and diffusion method is up to you, with HVAC diffusion technology and scent boxes available.

The best perfume manufacturers for consumer product experience, our diverse distinctive white label fine fragrance range is memorable and attuned to a wide range of audiences and use cases. If you'd like to make slight changes, we offer a private label service in the UK.

Whether you're seeking a fragrance to mask odours, improve ambiance, or boost sales, industrial perfumes from CELIE & COUCH are the ideal choice.

Trust CELIE & COUCH for the best industrial perfume solutions.


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What are industrial fragrances and how are they used?

Industrial fragrances are specially formulated scents used in various industries to enhance product appeal, mask odours, or create a pleasant environment.


Can industrial fragrances mask unpleasant odours in manufacturing facilities?

Yes, our industrial fragrances are designed to effectively neutralize or mask unpleasant odours commonly found in manufacturing facilities.


Do you offer customised industrial fragrances for specific industries?

Absolutely! We understand the unique fragrance needs of different industries and offer customised solutions tailored to meet specific requirements.


Are your industrial fragrances compliant with safety regulations?

Yes, all our industrial fragrances are formulated to comply with safety regulations and standards, ensuring they are safe for use in industrial settings.


How can CELIE & COUCH help businesses choose the right industrial fragrance for their needs?

Our experienced team will assess your requirements, provide expert guidance, and offer samples for testing, ensuring you select the perfect industrial fragrance.

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