If you’ve always wanted to make your own perfume, you are on the correct page.


Here your scent memory will be satisfied. You will sniff your true essence. Simply add your ideas to the notes, select a volume, then add to your bag.




Before you make your own perfume, please leave a note about the perfect notes for you.


The more specific (i.e. ingredients, memories, places, emotions), the better. Order online and await your order confirmation.

You’ll receive an additional email to arrange an in-person consultation. Do check your Junk and Spam folders, and note that travel outside of London will incur the cost of round travel.

Each month, we choose from our shortlist. We'll notify you by email, and you can email us in the meantime.



Your personalised perfume will be crafted before your eyes in a series of consultations.


Ingredients based on your notes will be sourced and presented to you. Accords may also be present, depending on the detail of your notes.


The list will be whittled down into samples for you to test. The samples will be iterated, based on your feedback, until the exact scent memory is made.

STEP 3. 


You get your exclusive perfume. Nobody else will have your scent, or even know its name.